737 Flight Simulator 'Aviation Enthusiast' 90 Minute Experience

От AUD 390,00 A$
  • Продолжительность: 105 мин. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Bankstown Aerodrome, NSW
  • Код предложения: Enthusiast90

The simulator environment offers real-world controls with a fully immersive surround screen and audio which makes this a truly amazing experience. The sim offers fully functional instrumentation, an overhead panel and a full glass cockpit. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are passionate about aviation and will provide you with the best experience possible. 

This ‘Aviation Enthusiast’ experience can be a great first-time experience or one that you have built up to. Either way, it is for those that want the Full experience of flying a 737, Night and day flights, adverse weather, full auto pilot and multiple emergencies.

Once in the ‘captains seat’ your First Officer will show you a few of the basic operations and relevant features to help you feel at ease and prepare you for take-off.  As you push the throttles up and listen as the jet engines roar to life, pull back the yoke and watch the ground fall away beneath you.

Perfect For – First time Aviation Enthusiast wanting the FULL experience or for those who have built your way up to this one with the Aviation Enthusiast Package.


·       Pre-flight briefing - Learn Instrumentation

·       90 min experience 

·       Up to 6 take-offs & Landings

·       Choose 3 airports of your choice (or choose to fly a Full A to B flight sector)

·       Adverse weather

·       Challenging approaches

·       Approaches night or day

·       Full auto pilot

·       Emergencies 

Sydney Flight College (SFC) is a training college with over 50 years experience in training pilots. A real training simulator used by real pilots

·       Western Sydney’s only 737 Flight Simulator

·       The only Simulator in Sydney run by a Flight training college

·       SFC has over 50 years’ experience in training pilots

·       All your instructors are Qualified Pilots

·       FREE flight for passengers

·       No experience necessary 

·       Choose from thousands of airports around the globe or let your instructor plan your route for you.

Recommend next flight – Once you have mastered this 90min Aviation Enthusiast, your next step will be the enhancing your skills.

·       All 4 'Aviation Enthusiast Package' - Experience all 4 experiences, 30, 45, 60 and 90min at different times to build on your skills to become the ultimate Captain. SAVE 20%.

·       Rebook Another experience to Enhance your skills. 

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