737 Flight Simulator 'Aviation Allrounder' 60 Minute Experience

From AUD $290.00
  • Duration: 75 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Bankstown Aerodrome, NSW
  • Product code: Allrounder60

The simulator environment offers real-world controls with a fully immersive surround screen and audio which makes this a truly amazing experience. The sim offers fully functional instrumentation, an overhead panel and a full glass cockpit. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are passionate about aviation and will provide you with the best experience possible. 

This All-round 737 experience is a perfect experience to not only learn the basics but experience some adverse weather, challenging flying and some basic auto pilot.

Once in the ‘captains seat’ your First Officer will show you a few of the basic operations and relevant features to help you feel at ease and prepare you for take-off.  As you push the throttles up and listen as the jet engines roar to life, pull back the yoke and watch the ground fall away beneath you.

Perfect For – Those wanting an all-round flight experience.


·       Pre-flight briefing - Learn Instrumentation

·       60 min experience

·       Up to 4 take-offs & landings

·       Choose 2 airports of your choice (or Choose to fly a short A to B flight sector)

·       Adverse weather

·       Challenging approach

·       Approach at night

·       Basic auto-pilot

Sydney Flight College (SFC) is a training college with over 50 years experience in training pilots. A real training simulator used by real pilots

·       Western Sydney’s only 737 Flight Simulator

·       The only Simulator in Sydney run by a Flight training college

·       SFC has over 50 years’ experience in training pilots

·       All your instructors are Qualified Pilots

·       FREE flight for passengers

·       No experience necessary 

·       Choose from thousands of airports around the globe or let your instructor plan your route for you.

Recommend Next flight – once you have mastered this 60miniute All Rounder, your next step will be the enhancing your skills.

·       90 Min – up to 6 Take-offs & Landings at 2 airports of your choice, Challenging approaches, adverse weather, Full Auto Pilot and Emergencies.

·       All 4 'Aviation Enthusiast Package' - Experience all 4 experiences, 30, 45, 60 and 90min at different times to build on your skills to become the ultimate Captain. SAVE 20%

*admin fee applies